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From Milano to Palo Alto

Growing up in Northern Italy, Dario Presezzi had pizza every week with his family. He was raised on this famous pizza: light, airy, and delicious. When he moved to the Bay Area over a decade ago, the true flavor of home was missing. As he mastered his Nonna's favorite recipe and shared it with his Bay Area friends, they couldn't get enough! So Dario started Pizzone to bring this wonderful pizza into everyone's home just the way he had it as a child.

Food and Drink

Our team

Pizzone was founded by three Italian friends, Dario, the impresario, a.k.a. the Milanese, Rocco the restaurateur, and Alex the pizzaiolo (pizza cook). They connected through their love and passion for food and cooking. They spent months developing the perfect recipe for Pizzone pizza and now they are ready to share it with everyone.

Universal traditions

Food connects us, and its preparation and consumption are activities that can bridge members of multiple generations. Pizzone wants to encourage everyone to sit down together at the table and have a family meal.

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