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Authentic Ingredients

It's not rocket science:


So we just do that.

There are only four ingredients in our crust.

(And even fewer in our tomato sauce)


We import flour and tomatoes from Italy to capture the true Italian flavors. Our flour is from a fourth-generation generation family mill and our tomatoes are Antico Casale Franzese. As for the rest of our ingredients, everything is fresh and locally sourced. We take a light hand with the toppings for a restrained approach typical of what you would find in Italy. Our toppings remain true to our heritage with our favorite tried and true combinations.
(BBQ Chicken Pizza? Nonna would never approve!)

2021.08.30 - Pizzone_Late Summer_Joseph Weaver_5418.jpg
2021.08.30 - Pizzone_Late Summer_Joseph Weaver_5427.jpg

Hand made & healthy

Why do frozen pizzas never taste as good as the ones you have in a restaurant? Because they are industrially made! Every one of Pizzone's pizzas is fresh and made by hand, that's why it tastes as good coming out of your oven as it would in Milan. Made with simple ingredients and no added sugars or trans fats our pizzas make for a healthy meal for the entire family.

What's inside?

We're proud to share the brands we work with to create our pizzas. Whether our ingredients are coming from Northern Italy or Northern California, they've been carefully selected for their high quality and flavor.

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