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Sustainable packaging
just because we care!

It's our responsibility to take care of our planet, reduce our carbon footprint and amount of waste.

Even pizza packaging can make the difference.

Make good choices! 

Too much plastic!

Plastic is just bad, we all know that. Unfortunately, it is very cheap, so most food vendors use plastics only. We should pay attention to what we buy and how it's packaged to reduce the amount of plastic waste which has devastating impacts on our planet and us. Next time you go to the beach, we want to make sure that the plastic bag you see is not from Pizzone!

Sea Pollution

Our packaging

We use compostable trays made from sugarcane waste and compostable film from cellulose. After using the packaging you can simply put it to compost and it will degrade in  a few months, contrary to plastics. We take a mindful approach to each of the ingredients coming through our kitchen, eliminating and reducing waste wherever possible.


Our compostable tray is great also because you can use it directly in your oven or oven toaster! It's resistant to heat and you don't have to clean after baking. No additional trays are needed.

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